Backwoodz releases a new Single!

Houston, Texas.Chris Adams, Mendo, and $ugabear are at it again! This time with a very compelling new Single which will give you the urge to press the “repeat” button on their latest track entitled “Can’t be Explained” which also features Kool B from Lufkin, Texas.  Backwoodz Entertainment Inc, an indie music label based out of East Texas, has always maintained their vision and prospect of holding phenomenal talent behind the mics.  After the magnificent promotional efforts with their former rap group Fab5, Backwoodz Entertainment Inc has kept the level of talent within their music roster, even after doing away with the most looked up to Rap Group in Texas back in 2013.  “We will always keep the label running and in good shape when it comes to providing good quality music” said Marco Morales; owner and President at Backwoodz Entertainment.  “This label was started with a dream, and we will make sure and follow up on it, regardless”, ” I salute the boys that were part of the Fab5 group to a certain extent, but other than that, we all went our different ways. I am pretty sure we all learned something positive from one another, and most of us will use it as a learning experience in many ways”. In the meantime, Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. signed a new talent by the name of Mendo from Houston, Texas, adding a fresh voice to the label and joining in forces with Chris Adams and $ugabear with a “$”. Mendo completely accepted the challenge to following up with the grind that has been flowing throughout the label since its beginning. Mendo is the first Latino artist for Backwoodz Entertainment inc. who has been working with major recording artists back at home in Houston, Texas. During these past 2 years, Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. has considered taking time to plan and build a formula that can help the label keep gaining popularity withing the over-saturated music industry. ” I have been approached by many young talented artists to be part of the label” mentions Morales, ” Its not easy saying no, but being an Artist requires more than talent. It requires work ethic and maturity which will be the pillar base of their future development.” Subscribe to our blogs to read more articles from Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. CEO and artists. For now take time to listen to this amazing new track written and recorded by Chris Adams, Mendo, $ugabear, and Kool B. “This track is kind of like everybody individually flowing their own persona and out thinking out loud” mentions Mendo when asked about this track. Take a listen for yourself and figure out what makes Backwoodz Entertainment stand out from the rest.


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