A new music era in Texas. 

 Houston, Texas– One of the newest and boldest labels challenging the rules and setting a new bar of success and talent, is the incredible team of Backwoodz Entertainment. With goals of becoming the hottest label in Texas, Backwoodz is navigating through the difficult minefield of the entertainment industry and music labels on the strength of their unique blend of talents.

Starting from the humble roots in 2006 the group is comprised of childhood friends Marco Morales and Bigg Jake who passed away in 2008. It’s the memory of Bigg Jake that continues to fuel Marco and the Backwoodz entertainment brand. Keeping their movement and passion alive is part of their wild success, the stable of artists under the Backwoodz label is now 3 deep.

(left to right) Mendo Medicine, $ugabear with a “$” Sign, and Chris Adams portrait in Downtown Houston, Texas.
Chris Adams, Mendo, and $ugabear are three of the most promising names in Texas underground music. Producing music and arranging shows and appearances are just part of what Backwoodz Entertainment does, and their belief in the local community and active role plays a huge role in giving back to their fans.  

Chris Adams is currently endorsed by music A&R’s and music consultants to be an artist “to watch”
 One of the fastest growing music labels in Texas and expanding throughout every city in the state, Backwoodz focuses less on the fluff and marketing and more on finding true talent.True talent that can set the bar to a new level is what Backwoodz intends upon, and this growth and symbolism is something found in even their logo and marketing brand. Depicting a tree and symbolizing growth and reaching new levels, Backwoodz works to build their brand and extend their recognition to the masses in Texas. 

Backwoodz Entertainment Official Logo

Backwoodz stands for growth and evolution and there’s much to be said about this thought moving forward. Being able to forge ahead and seek out the musical talents for their brand is what makes them so uniquely different than the rest of the labels in Texas.

Recently moving their offices from Lufkin to Houston, Backwoodz also works with street teams to help promote the brand and discover new talents and people. The music industry is filled with potential performers and talents and the Backwoodz mission is to find and seek out this talent. 


Mendo Medicine is attracting and snatching new fans left and right From Dallas to Houston.
 Managing national talent and coordinating shows and musical events is just part of what the team at Backwoodz does. By actively promoting the musical talents of budding superstars in Texas, Backwoodz aims to become the hottest name in music production labels in Texas. 

Let’s not forget to mention that Backwoodz Entertainment currently Launched a latino Music Branch which will serve and cater to the latinos and lovers of Hispanic music. Backwoodz Entertainment greatly believes in diversity and plans to grow and branch out into all genres of music in the very near future. 

As of now, Backwoodz Entertainment Inc is currently working on the release of Mendo’s newest project entitled “THE FIX” and $ugabear’s project entitled “FOREVA $ SIGN”. Both of these projects are set to attract and pursue attention from East Texas to Houston and all over Texas. 


$ugabear with a “$” sign is East Texas biggest subject when it comes to rap and poetry music. He inspires the rest of the camp and has been growing his fanbase all throughtout East Texas and different parts of the nation.
 Backwoodz Management Services currently manages and works with strong talent in Texas including DLP official Beatz, DJ Coolaid, Choppaholix, and JD3 at Radioactive Productions. Marketing Plans are currently being built to attract and relaunch past projects that will make a huge impact for Texas music. 

For Booking or features concerning Chris Adams, Mendo Medicine, $ugabear with a “$” sign, DJ Coolaid, Choppaholix, DLP Beatz, DJ Chanka, JD3 Voiceovers, Or any other related service please contact Backwoodz Management Services at backwoodzmusic@gmail.com. For Press or public relations please contact Jaison Joy at (936) 671-9950. 

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