Basketball tournament causing a big buzz in East Houston    


 Houston, Texas-  It may seem like a normal Weekend for most People around town, but this weekend has been anxiously awaited by many East Houstonians.
Local music Artist Mendo Medicine Mendoza and his close friend Avran Martinez have organized and put together a phenomenal open Basketball Tournament in Galena Park this upcoming Sunday to commemorate the loss of their close friend Eric “KidFresh” Castillo. Not only is this Basketball tournament very special for the memory of their close friend, but Mendo Medicine Mendoza and Avran Martinez decided that this would be the same exact date that they would release their long awaited music Projects. Mendo’s first ever debut album entitled “The Fix” and Avran Martinez’s “Flight from Houston” will both be released this same day.

Check in for teams is set for 11:30am on Sunday and 3 vs 3 games will begin at 12:00pm. “This is just a way for us to bring our community, family, and friends together” mentioned Mendo Medicine. “Those that support our music will have a chance to come out and pick up a copy”, “those that want to play some ball, can come out and have a blast in the 3 vs 3 the tourney and 3 point competition”.  Mendo also mentioned and confirmed attendance by special invited guest- DLP of Beatshak as well of the possibility of other invited guests who may stop by and take a few pictures with fans.
DLP contributed in the production of both “The Fix” and “Flight from Houston” as well as hundreds of more titles in the Houston and nationwide scene. One of his latest beats was launched by Big Syke who was part of Tupac Shakurs rap group “The Outlawz” in California. 11919128_1002180953147138_6378131641434867072_n

 Now let’s talk a bit more about the medicine man himself. Yes, Mendo Medicine is currently attracting fans left and right and is gaining listeners not just in Houston but throughout the whole state of Texas.

Here is a bit of background information for those that are new to the music prescriptions issued by Mendo. Mendo Medicine is known around the city for his God given talent. He is able to write songs, record, and create his own custom beats.  Mendo has been featured in the “Houston Press” and was recognized on his Live opening performance for Houston rap legend; K-Rino. 11998808_1009382689093631_7067750919124799993_n

If this already sounds  amazing, Mendo has another side to him that unfortunately has gone by unnoticed. During these past 3 years, Mendo has coached a 7th and 8th grade middle school select basketball team during his past time.  He also made an impact And opened eyes for the younger generation last school year when he promised a $100 reward for the student with the highest overall grades at Galena Park Middle School. 11800311_989100317788535_6231094811602738842_nMendo followed through and kept his promise to reward middle school student; Joseph Silva with the $100 incentive.

Mendo was also invited to speak to middle school kids in Lufkin, Texas at a Teen Summit a few summers ago. During the summit, Mendo spoke to more than 200 kids about the importance of following their education and pursuing their dreams. They also spoke about the importance of deciphering  lyrics they hear in the local radio. 1014016_10152287068658622_772629129_n

2016 has launched off in a very positive way for Mendo Medicine and his music team. Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. has Started planning and putting together ideas For his Next release entitled “Elevation” which will be another very well expected project  by all his fans.

Mendo Medicine and Avran Martinez of Avenue Music extend an invitation to all of  the H-town community. Again the Basketball tournament is set to launch at 12:00pm this Sunday, January 17th. For more information about the tournament call(936) 465-0800.

THE FIX by Mendo Medicine Mendoza is now available via Itunes , GooglePLAY, and all music Platforms. Follow this link to Download the full album from Itunes:

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