Houston, Texas  A new sound has been brought to life Deep inside the heart of Galena Park in Houston, Texas. If you consider yourself a music fiend and fan of Texas music, then we greatly suggest you to invest time in listening to this new album. It is set to introduce you to a New brand and evolutionary sound to come out of Texas. 

Cover art
A.D.D. Cover Art

We just knew this Album was going to attract lots of attention a few weeks ago when we first put an ear to it, so therefore we had to book a sit down  with both Tim Wehmeyer (Unytus) and Jason Mendoza ( Mendo)a few days ago to talk about the creation and release of this Album.

This interview which was held at the Drop Shop Studio in Galena Park felt very special. We could still feel the positive energy and lyrical vibes vibrating deep inside the studio walls. This studio had actually been exposed to the birth of a new sound that nobody in Texas has ever witnessed or been part of before. We just knew Houston was in for a new surprise once it hit the streets.  After different sit downs and planning, July 12th became the  official street date that Mendo, Unytus, and Dropped it Records CEO; Tim Wehmeyer all agreed on for this phenomenal piece of musical art to take pace.

[NOTE: The interview questions will be at the very end of this article for you guys to check out]

A.D.D. contains 11 full audio tracks featuring guest artists GT Garza, Drew, Dan G, Vianey Torres, and Sarah Jalali. All of the album was produced by Tim Wehmeyer (Unytus) with the exception of track number 10 entitled ” Slipped away” which was written and produced by Houston beat producer icon DLP.

As you listen to this album the music content will differ from other albums that you are probably used to hearing. A.D.D. contains a variation of different style tones mixed in with rapping fragments of top notch lyrical content by Mendo Medicine.


Even though the release date was for July 12th, The buzz started out at the 1st Annual Galena park Fourth of July Festival that was put together by the City.  Mendo and Unytus were invited to perform in front of at least 1,000 people that were pr13600230_1174052149293350_2095397444870136516_nesent throughout the event.

Right after their performance, Mendo & Unytus made a certain amount of physical cds available for fans to get an early shop to this album. Not only did fans enjoy the new music, but they also enjoyed the fact that Mendo and Unytus were available for pictures and autographs. You could see new fans throughout the day coming to the booth for a picture and getting their gear signed.

As of today, Mendo confirmed the sell out of CD’s as they are being requested by fans through his Facebook and social media accounts. We can definitely sense that the word is really getting out there as fans and everyone are passing on the word about this new album.

13606961_1174071542624744_3928226322495112703_nPlease take a moment to scroll down and view two of the music videos from  the A.D.D album and witness a visual aid of the talent within this project. The first Video is called “Music Fiend” featuring Mendo and GT Garza which is track number 7. The second Video is entitled “Momma” which is Track number 8 on the Album.

A.D.D. IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD directly off of i-tunes, Google Play store, Amazon, and any other music platform of your choice.

For Booking or features please contact Backwoodz Management at 936-671-1331. 13669038_1177652522266646_6729769212000255106_n


Interview Questions:

Q: Mendo, this is your second album this year, whats up with that. your working hard, what you got say about that? answer. (MENDO) I am ready to work on the next one, but im ready to put this out. I want people to hear it. I want them to hear Unytus productions. (UNYTUS) I want them to hear both of us. What we got for the music world to hear. I think its something different. I dont think Houston has ever dealt with what we’ve done and I think it’s going to run the horizon for Houston and everyone is going to be looking forward to it. 

Q: What inspired this album? What got you guys to star this project? answer (MENDO) Well the way it really started of was with the Track “Music Fiend”. Tim was working on a project and they wanted me to come do a feature for this track. It kind of went from there, when we heard the track how it went with him making the beat and me getting on it. They also had Gt Garza featured on it and basically after it sucked in, we just liked the thought of working on a full project together.

Q. How long did this album take finalize?  (Mendo) about 6 months. We launched Music fiend around October and November.

Q. Whats your favorite song in the album? (UNYTUS)  aye. Every song is special to me. I did all of them except one track “Slipped away” which DLP did, but All of them are special to me. (Mendo) I like all of them but i will say that “Crown on the roof” is my personal favorite because it surprised me on how I came up with it, but i would say my personal, personal favorite is “Who are we” with Vianey Torres.

Q. What is the meaning for A.D.D.? (UNYTUS) Audio determined Disorder, that is what it stands for. The reason we named it ADD is because of the way we jumped around so much throughout the project. We couldn’t keep our feet planted on one song, if we were to get stuck a little bit, we just couldn’t stay there and keep trying to do it. We had to move on to another song.




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