BACKWOODZ NEWS: Mendo Medicine, $ugabear, and Lil Yo are no longer active artists under Backwoodz management.

October 4, 2017-  Houston, Tx. -Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. Founder and CEO Marco Morales has confirmed and announced that Mendo, $ugabear, and recently re-involved Lil Yo are no longer “active artists” on the Backwoodz management roster.

Until further notice, these 3 artists have been put on hold from any further music project or marketing investment by Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. until artists contracts have been agreed and signed.   This announcement comes after a major administration restructure took place within the Indie label this past summer. According to Marco Morales, the music label is nowhere near making enough revenue to budget any upcoming promotions/releases, everything is investment. ” I need our artists to take their career very seriously and commit more time if they want any money investment from the label .” mentioned Marco.  “The music industry is very overpopulated and the current activity that our guys were putting in is not meeting the labels’ requirements.”

img_3691“Doing well in the music industry requires much more than just recording a good few songs and putting them into shops or digital distribution on Tunecore or Cd baby. Creating a good quality product is only half of the battle, the other half is the promotion. If you make the mistake of putting all your time and money into recording your music and getting it into shops, you will soon find out that you ‘ll make a very few sales if any at all.”

“Backwoodz Entertainment is a business and we must profit together from active artists that are more than serious about their craft”. “We are not a major label; so we do not have the luxury of having a large budget in place for recording and filming videos left and right. We are a music label with values and a strong desire to keep growing professionally together along our active artists.” In this business, you must at least get what you put into it back. You can not keep investing money and losing it all on every release.”

“I understand that music can become a second or third priority when you have bills to pay and you must provide for your family, but there are many ways around keeping an active music lifestyle while keeping a daily job.” Artists have to take a big gamble and decide whether they want to fulfill a music career or a hobby.”

“Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. is not here to cater hobbies or part time artists.”  We are here on a serious note about following artist guidelines and structures to reach a ultimatum goal all together.”  Marco mentions that Communication with the label on a frequent basis is mandatory for all future artists. As of today, artists under Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. have a full array of services and platforms available to help increase artist awareness including publicity campaigns, radio campaigns, marketing campaigns, branding development, and many other special gigs not available to the public.

Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. understands all three artists are currently working on their own project aside from Backwoodz and we wish them the best on their releases. Backwoodz will not be able to co-sign any projects by these artists that are not approved by the label.

As of today, Chris Adams and DLP maintain an active status under the Backwoodz Management Roster. “The best of Chris Adams” will be available for purchase before the end of the year, Bigg Jake re-releases, and our first ever music album is set to release in the Spring of 2018 with surprise artist features.

For questions or concerns about this announcement, please feel free to contact Marco Morales directly or by email at






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