Backwoodz Inc. launches Internet Radio station

Houston, TX– Backwoodz Inc has officially launched BACKWOODZ RADIO!! This long awaited launch came after pilot testing various platforms for trustworthy quality during these past 6 months.

You can now officially stream our internet radio station on 6 global platforms including:

As of today, you can jam out to mainstream top 100 music tracks including the following mainstream artists:

  • Kanye West
  • Eminem
  • Dr. Dre
  • Jay-Z
  • Lil Wayne
  • Ludacris
  • And many more

Backwoodz radio is also open to mix in unsigned artists throughout its programming as well. If you got a jammin single then we want to hear it! You might get lucky and get rotated around the globe.

“Most people that know me should know my love for music is intense. I went from managing artists and investing in them to building my own platform for music. I’m having fun, I learned how to maneuver around radio programming all last year. It’s fun I love it!”- Marco Morales (founder)

The radio station is currently playing non-stop music and is currently being programmed daily. You can access these links above from your phone browser or download the application directly.

Also, If anyone is interested in being part of the programming, Backwoodz Inc will be looking for talent that can take part in launching its first ever talk show. So if you know anyone with radio personality, deejay, or talk show persona, give them a hand and let them know to reach out to Marco Morales.

We took some time with Marco Morales and asked a few questions: check them out!

  • Are you still open to working with unsigned artists? – yes, of course. I still have my eye open for talent. The thing is artists these days think they have all the tools necessary to be successful. Remember that any Artist I work with must have a budget to work with.
  • Where can people reach out to you for label consideration? –
  • What is your vision for this radio station?– Streaming is very popular nowadays. We have now reached over 5,000 listeners during this first piloting stage. I want to be part of this new music phenomenon so I decided to launch my own streaming platform. I believe we can assert and reach out good music to listeners looking for good programming.
  • What are upcoming plans for this station? – I’ll be reaching out to deejays & talk show personalities in these next few weeks. I want start off our own talk show and help discover new talent through these new online tools. Keep tuned!
  • What are upcoming plans for the label? – I am opening the doors for any investors that share the same love and passion for music as I do. I have a lot of plans and new ideas for the label. Keep tuned.

Contact information: [ Enquiries, radio submission, talk show submission]

– [ music submission for label consideration]

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