Backwoodz Inc. launches Internet Radio station

Houston, TX– Backwoodz Inc has officially launched BACKWOODZ RADIO!! This long awaited launch came after pilot testing various platforms for trustworthy quality during these past 6 months.

You can now officially stream our internet radio station on 6 global platforms including:

As of today, you can jam out to mainstream top 100 music tracks including the following mainstream artists:

  • Kanye West
  • Eminem
  • Dr. Dre
  • Jay-Z
  • Lil Wayne
  • Ludacris
  • And many more

Backwoodz radio is also open to mix in unsigned artists throughout its programming as well. If you got a jammin single then we want to hear it! You might get lucky and get rotated around the globe.

“Most people that know me should know my love for music is intense. I went from managing artists and investing in them to building my own platform for music. I’m having fun, I learned how to maneuver around radio programming all last year. It’s fun I love it!”- Marco Morales (founder)

The radio station is currently playing non-stop music and is currently being programmed daily. You can access these links above from your phone browser or download the application directly.

Also, If anyone is interested in being part of the programming, Backwoodz Inc will be looking for talent that can take part in launching its first ever talk show. So if you know anyone with radio personality, deejay, or talk show persona, give them a hand and let them know to reach out to Marco Morales.

We took some time with Marco Morales and asked a few questions: check them out!

  • Are you still open to working with unsigned artists? – yes, of course. I still have my eye open for talent. The thing is artists these days think they have all the tools necessary to be successful. Remember that any Artist I work with must have a budget to work with.
  • Where can people reach out to you for label consideration? –
  • What is your vision for this radio station?– Streaming is very popular nowadays. We have now reached over 5,000 listeners during this first piloting stage. I want to be part of this new music phenomenon so I decided to launch my own streaming platform. I believe we can assert and reach out good music to listeners looking for good programming.
  • What are upcoming plans for this station? – I’ll be reaching out to deejays & talk show personalities in these next few weeks. I want start off our own talk show and help discover new talent through these new online tools. Keep tuned!
  • What are upcoming plans for the label? – I am opening the doors for any investors that share the same love and passion for music as I do. I have a lot of plans and new ideas for the label. Keep tuned.

Contact information: [ Enquiries, radio submission, talk show submission]

– [ music submission for label consideration]

– [ Investor, sponsors & business enquiries]


Chris Adams
Chris Adams Music- Photography by AndrewPROtv

Houston, TX – Lufkin, Texas native and graduate, Chris Adams is a talented Music artist with diverse style of music which cuts across R&B/Hip-Hop/Soul Hybrid. With his powerful lyricism, Chris Adams has been Labeled as ARTIST TO WATCH by many music consultants including Harrold Whaley (Urban Network), Terry McGill (TAM Music consulting), and many others that have pressed the PLAY button on official Chris Adams Music. His catchy hooks grabbed the attention of these music consultants and mentioned that he is definitely ready for mainstream career with the right promotions and marketing.

He is signed to a well renowned music label known as Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. The label was Established in 2006 by Marco Morales and childhood friend Bigg Jake in Lufkin, TX. Bigg Jake passed away in 2008 due to breathing complications but Marco Morales decided to keep the Indie label running in his Memory. As a developing music label, the label was incorporated as Backwoodz in 2009 by New York Music attorney Steve Gordon.

The label currently has it’s headquarter in Houston, TX. CHRIS ADAMS is currently the only active artist for the label and will be releasing his compilation music project in February 2018. Marco Morales (founder of Backwoodz Entertainment Inc.) was completely wiped away by the amount of talent locked inside Chris Adams back room. Chris Adams had an inside studio in the back of his house where he recorded music with his school friends during High School. Marco worked with Chris Adams and his group by integrating them into the label at that time in order to plan ahead.

That same summer, Backwoodz released their first single entitled “Get off Me gurl” which turned out to be a local phenomenon. The Fab5 rap group which had Chris Adams as the lead vocalist attained more than 100,000 combined views and initiated a huge buzz. After more positive synergy came into the group, the rap group was later disintegrated due to internal problems within the group members and only CHRIS ADAMS was retained due to his enormous talent.

Chris Adams major Influences range from Luther Vandross and Johnnie Taylor to Lil Wayne & Big KRIT. His passion for music started while he was at 7th grade (Almost 13 years) as he was always busy writing/recording music. He is Currently recording for an upcoming, untitled project that is set to be released by Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. this upcoming Summer.  “Upper Level” is his most recent project which is now available on all major media outlets including I-tunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

The “Best of Chris Adams” is a music compilation project that contains his top collection of music tracks and is expected to be released early 2018. The great musicians are those who can reach people, who can make people feel something. Chris Adams surely has that trait to become great! Watch out.

Please contact Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. @ 832-856-1505 or 936-671-1331 for booking inquiries or questions concerning Chris Adams.

 Follow Chris Adams on social media:  Instragram: @iamchrisadams | Twitter: @iamchrisadams | 

BACKWOODZ NEWS: Mendo Medicine, $ugabear, and Lil Yo are no longer active artists under Backwoodz management.

October 4, 2017-  Houston, Tx. -Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. Founder and CEO Marco Morales has confirmed and announced that Mendo, $ugabear, and recently re-involved Lil Yo are no longer “active artists” on the Backwoodz management roster.

Until further notice, these 3 artists have been put on hold from any further music project or marketing investment by Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. until artists contracts have been agreed and signed.   This announcement comes after a major administration restructure took place within the Indie label this past summer. According to Marco Morales, the music label is nowhere near making enough revenue to budget any upcoming promotions/releases, everything is investment. ” I need our artists to take their career very seriously and commit more time if they want any money investment from the label .” mentioned Marco.  “The music industry is very overpopulated and the current activity that our guys were putting in is not meeting the labels’ requirements.”

img_3691“Doing well in the music industry requires much more than just recording a good few songs and putting them into shops or digital distribution on Tunecore or Cd baby. Creating a good quality product is only half of the battle, the other half is the promotion. If you make the mistake of putting all your time and money into recording your music and getting it into shops, you will soon find out that you ‘ll make a very few sales if any at all.”

“Backwoodz Entertainment is a business and we must profit together from active artists that are more than serious about their craft”. “We are not a major label; so we do not have the luxury of having a large budget in place for recording and filming videos left and right. We are a music label with values and a strong desire to keep growing professionally together along our active artists.” In this business, you must at least get what you put into it back. You can not keep investing money and losing it all on every release.”

“I understand that music can become a second or third priority when you have bills to pay and you must provide for your family, but there are many ways around keeping an active music lifestyle while keeping a daily job.” Artists have to take a big gamble and decide whether they want to fulfill a music career or a hobby.”

“Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. is not here to cater hobbies or part time artists.”  We are here on a serious note about following artist guidelines and structures to reach a ultimatum goal all together.”  Marco mentions that Communication with the label on a frequent basis is mandatory for all future artists. As of today, artists under Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. have a full array of services and platforms available to help increase artist awareness including publicity campaigns, radio campaigns, marketing campaigns, branding development, and many other special gigs not available to the public.

Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. understands all three artists are currently working on their own project aside from Backwoodz and we wish them the best on their releases. Backwoodz will not be able to co-sign any projects by these artists that are not approved by the label.

As of today, Chris Adams and DLP maintain an active status under the Backwoodz Management Roster. “The best of Chris Adams” will be available for purchase before the end of the year, Bigg Jake re-releases, and our first ever music album is set to release in the Spring of 2018 with surprise artist features.

For questions or concerns about this announcement, please feel free to contact Marco Morales directly or by email at






BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT: Music track by Mendo and Unytus offered placement on TV episode “Trap Plane”.

Houston, Texas:  Award winning series “Trap Plane” has announced that they will be using a track from the Album A.D.D by MENDO & Unytus in an upcoming episode.

Trap Plane has only been premiered in New York and has already entitled them to win an award.

The initial Houston premiere screening is set to air at 4:00pm today. Please keep tuned as we bring you more information about the upcoming episodes.

-Backwoodz PR 


Houston, Texas  A new sound has been brought to life Deep inside the heart of Galena Park in Houston, Texas. If you consider yourself a music fiend and fan of Texas music, then we greatly suggest you to invest time in listening to this new album. It is set to introduce you to a New brand and evolutionary sound to come out of Texas. 

Cover art
A.D.D. Cover Art

We just knew this Album was going to attract lots of attention a few weeks ago when we first put an ear to it, so therefore we had to book a sit down  with both Tim Wehmeyer (Unytus) and Jason Mendoza ( Mendo)a few days ago to talk about the creation and release of this Album.

This interview which was held at the Drop Shop Studio in Galena Park felt very special. We could still feel the positive energy and lyrical vibes vibrating deep inside the studio walls. This studio had actually been exposed to the birth of a new sound that nobody in Texas has ever witnessed or been part of before. We just knew Houston was in for a new surprise once it hit the streets.  After different sit downs and planning, July 12th became the  official street date that Mendo, Unytus, and Dropped it Records CEO; Tim Wehmeyer all agreed on for this phenomenal piece of musical art to take pace.

[NOTE: The interview questions will be at the very end of this article for you guys to check out]

A.D.D. contains 11 full audio tracks featuring guest artists GT Garza, Drew, Dan G, Vianey Torres, and Sarah Jalali. All of the album was produced by Tim Wehmeyer (Unytus) with the exception of track number 10 entitled ” Slipped away” which was written and produced by Houston beat producer icon DLP.

As you listen to this album the music content will differ from other albums that you are probably used to hearing. A.D.D. contains a variation of different style tones mixed in with rapping fragments of top notch lyrical content by Mendo Medicine.


Even though the release date was for July 12th, The buzz started out at the 1st Annual Galena park Fourth of July Festival that was put together by the City.  Mendo and Unytus were invited to perform in front of at least 1,000 people that were pr13600230_1174052149293350_2095397444870136516_nesent throughout the event.

Right after their performance, Mendo & Unytus made a certain amount of physical cds available for fans to get an early shop to this album. Not only did fans enjoy the new music, but they also enjoyed the fact that Mendo and Unytus were available for pictures and autographs. You could see new fans throughout the day coming to the booth for a picture and getting their gear signed.

As of today, Mendo confirmed the sell out of CD’s as they are being requested by fans through his Facebook and social media accounts. We can definitely sense that the word is really getting out there as fans and everyone are passing on the word about this new album.

13606961_1174071542624744_3928226322495112703_nPlease take a moment to scroll down and view two of the music videos from  the A.D.D album and witness a visual aid of the talent within this project. The first Video is called “Music Fiend” featuring Mendo and GT Garza which is track number 7. The second Video is entitled “Momma” which is Track number 8 on the Album.

A.D.D. IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD directly off of i-tunes, Google Play store, Amazon, and any other music platform of your choice.

For Booking or features please contact Backwoodz Management at 936-671-1331. 13669038_1177652522266646_6729769212000255106_n


Interview Questions:

Q: Mendo, this is your second album this year, whats up with that. your working hard, what you got say about that? answer. (MENDO) I am ready to work on the next one, but im ready to put this out. I want people to hear it. I want them to hear Unytus productions. (UNYTUS) I want them to hear both of us. What we got for the music world to hear. I think its something different. I dont think Houston has ever dealt with what we’ve done and I think it’s going to run the horizon for Houston and everyone is going to be looking forward to it. 

Q: What inspired this album? What got you guys to star this project? answer (MENDO) Well the way it really started of was with the Track “Music Fiend”. Tim was working on a project and they wanted me to come do a feature for this track. It kind of went from there, when we heard the track how it went with him making the beat and me getting on it. They also had Gt Garza featured on it and basically after it sucked in, we just liked the thought of working on a full project together.

Q. How long did this album take finalize?  (Mendo) about 6 months. We launched Music fiend around October and November.

Q. Whats your favorite song in the album? (UNYTUS)  aye. Every song is special to me. I did all of them except one track “Slipped away” which DLP did, but All of them are special to me. (Mendo) I like all of them but i will say that “Crown on the roof” is my personal favorite because it surprised me on how I came up with it, but i would say my personal, personal favorite is “Who are we” with Vianey Torres.

Q. What is the meaning for A.D.D.? (UNYTUS) Audio determined Disorder, that is what it stands for. The reason we named it ADD is because of the way we jumped around so much throughout the project. We couldn’t keep our feet planted on one song, if we were to get stuck a little bit, we just couldn’t stay there and keep trying to do it. We had to move on to another song.




Basketball tournament causing a big buzz in East Houston    


 Houston, Texas-  It may seem like a normal Weekend for most People around town, but this weekend has been anxiously awaited by many East Houstonians.
Local music Artist Mendo Medicine Mendoza and his close friend Avran Martinez have organized and put together a phenomenal open Basketball Tournament in Galena Park this upcoming Sunday to commemorate the loss of their close friend Eric “KidFresh” Castillo. Not only is this Basketball tournament very special for the memory of their close friend, but Mendo Medicine Mendoza and Avran Martinez decided that this would be the same exact date that they would release their long awaited music Projects. Mendo’s first ever debut album entitled “The Fix” and Avran Martinez’s “Flight from Houston” will both be released this same day.

Check in for teams is set for 11:30am on Sunday and 3 vs 3 games will begin at 12:00pm. “This is just a way for us to bring our community, family, and friends together” mentioned Mendo Medicine. “Those that support our music will have a chance to come out and pick up a copy”, “those that want to play some ball, can come out and have a blast in the 3 vs 3 the tourney and 3 point competition”.  Mendo also mentioned and confirmed attendance by special invited guest- DLP of Beatshak as well of the possibility of other invited guests who may stop by and take a few pictures with fans.
DLP contributed in the production of both “The Fix” and “Flight from Houston” as well as hundreds of more titles in the Houston and nationwide scene. One of his latest beats was launched by Big Syke who was part of Tupac Shakurs rap group “The Outlawz” in California. 11919128_1002180953147138_6378131641434867072_n

 Now let’s talk a bit more about the medicine man himself. Yes, Mendo Medicine is currently attracting fans left and right and is gaining listeners not just in Houston but throughout the whole state of Texas.

Here is a bit of background information for those that are new to the music prescriptions issued by Mendo. Mendo Medicine is known around the city for his God given talent. He is able to write songs, record, and create his own custom beats.  Mendo has been featured in the “Houston Press” and was recognized on his Live opening performance for Houston rap legend; K-Rino. 11998808_1009382689093631_7067750919124799993_n

If this already sounds  amazing, Mendo has another side to him that unfortunately has gone by unnoticed. During these past 3 years, Mendo has coached a 7th and 8th grade middle school select basketball team during his past time.  He also made an impact And opened eyes for the younger generation last school year when he promised a $100 reward for the student with the highest overall grades at Galena Park Middle School. 11800311_989100317788535_6231094811602738842_nMendo followed through and kept his promise to reward middle school student; Joseph Silva with the $100 incentive.

Mendo was also invited to speak to middle school kids in Lufkin, Texas at a Teen Summit a few summers ago. During the summit, Mendo spoke to more than 200 kids about the importance of following their education and pursuing their dreams. They also spoke about the importance of deciphering  lyrics they hear in the local radio. 1014016_10152287068658622_772629129_n

2016 has launched off in a very positive way for Mendo Medicine and his music team. Backwoodz Entertainment Inc. has Started planning and putting together ideas For his Next release entitled “Elevation” which will be another very well expected project  by all his fans.

Mendo Medicine and Avran Martinez of Avenue Music extend an invitation to all of  the H-town community. Again the Basketball tournament is set to launch at 12:00pm this Sunday, January 17th. For more information about the tournament call(936) 465-0800.

THE FIX by Mendo Medicine Mendoza is now available via Itunes , GooglePLAY, and all music Platforms. Follow this link to Download the full album from Itunes:

A new music era in Texas. 

 Houston, Texas– One of the newest and boldest labels challenging the rules and setting a new bar of success and talent, is the incredible team of Backwoodz Entertainment. With goals of becoming the hottest label in Texas, Backwoodz is navigating through the difficult minefield of the entertainment industry and music labels on the strength of their unique blend of talents.

Starting from the humble roots in 2006 the group is comprised of childhood friends Marco Morales and Bigg Jake who passed away in 2008. It’s the memory of Bigg Jake that continues to fuel Marco and the Backwoodz entertainment brand. Keeping their movement and passion alive is part of their wild success, the stable of artists under the Backwoodz label is now 3 deep.

(left to right) Mendo Medicine, $ugabear with a “$” Sign, and Chris Adams portrait in Downtown Houston, Texas.
Chris Adams, Mendo, and $ugabear are three of the most promising names in Texas underground music. Producing music and arranging shows and appearances are just part of what Backwoodz Entertainment does, and their belief in the local community and active role plays a huge role in giving back to their fans.  

Chris Adams is currently endorsed by music A&R’s and music consultants to be an artist “to watch”
 One of the fastest growing music labels in Texas and expanding throughout every city in the state, Backwoodz focuses less on the fluff and marketing and more on finding true talent.True talent that can set the bar to a new level is what Backwoodz intends upon, and this growth and symbolism is something found in even their logo and marketing brand. Depicting a tree and symbolizing growth and reaching new levels, Backwoodz works to build their brand and extend their recognition to the masses in Texas. 

Backwoodz Entertainment Official Logo

Backwoodz stands for growth and evolution and there’s much to be said about this thought moving forward. Being able to forge ahead and seek out the musical talents for their brand is what makes them so uniquely different than the rest of the labels in Texas.

Recently moving their offices from Lufkin to Houston, Backwoodz also works with street teams to help promote the brand and discover new talents and people. The music industry is filled with potential performers and talents and the Backwoodz mission is to find and seek out this talent. 


Mendo Medicine is attracting and snatching new fans left and right From Dallas to Houston.
 Managing national talent and coordinating shows and musical events is just part of what the team at Backwoodz does. By actively promoting the musical talents of budding superstars in Texas, Backwoodz aims to become the hottest name in music production labels in Texas. 

Let’s not forget to mention that Backwoodz Entertainment currently Launched a latino Music Branch which will serve and cater to the latinos and lovers of Hispanic music. Backwoodz Entertainment greatly believes in diversity and plans to grow and branch out into all genres of music in the very near future. 

As of now, Backwoodz Entertainment Inc is currently working on the release of Mendo’s newest project entitled “THE FIX” and $ugabear’s project entitled “FOREVA $ SIGN”. Both of these projects are set to attract and pursue attention from East Texas to Houston and all over Texas. 


$ugabear with a “$” sign is East Texas biggest subject when it comes to rap and poetry music. He inspires the rest of the camp and has been growing his fanbase all throughtout East Texas and different parts of the nation.
 Backwoodz Management Services currently manages and works with strong talent in Texas including DLP official Beatz, DJ Coolaid, Choppaholix, and JD3 at Radioactive Productions. Marketing Plans are currently being built to attract and relaunch past projects that will make a huge impact for Texas music. 

For Booking or features concerning Chris Adams, Mendo Medicine, $ugabear with a “$” sign, DJ Coolaid, Choppaholix, DLP Beatz, DJ Chanka, JD3 Voiceovers, Or any other related service please contact Backwoodz Management Services at For Press or public relations please contact Jaison Joy at (936) 671-9950.